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The GSS has several decision making bodies, the Executive, Council and Committees. Their work is also supported by Commissioners. Here you can find more information about how each of these contributes to the running of the GSS, as well as information about the policies and constitution of the Society.
If you are a graduate student who is interested in joining GSS Council – you can find information on what you need to do HERE.

The GSS Council represents and advocates on behalf of all graduate students at UBC Vancouver to the University, the Government, and the public. The Council is comprised of executive members and graduate student representatives elected from each graduate department of the University.

All graduate programs and departments, regardless of size, are entitled to appoint one council member to the GSS Council. Depending on the number of enrollment, larger departments may request a second council member.

2018/19 Council Meetings

Council Meetings take place once a month and continue through the summer semester. Council meetings are open to current UBC graduate students (as non-voting members).

Date: third Thursday of each month (unless otherwise stated)
Time: 5:30pm-9pm
Location: Michael Kingsmill Forum at The Nest (Fourth floor near Gallery 2.0)

2019 Council Minutes

Past Council meeting minutes

Collectively, GSS committees work to enhance graduate student life at UBC, with each focuses on a specific function(s) of the society’s day-to-day operations and comprised of graduate students at UBC Vancouver.

Our current committees are:

  • Academic and External Affairs Committee
  • Code and Policy Committee
  • Elections Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Executive Oversight Committee
  • Governance and Accountability Ad Hoc Committee
  • GSS/AMS Referendum Ad Hoc Committee
  • House Finance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Services Committee

You can find out much more about their work, or apply to join HERE


Affiliated Organizations (AOs) are a vital part of the GSS. We work closely with on- and off-campus graduate student associations and university groups throughout the year to foster and strengthen a close-knitted graduate student community.


→ Download Affiliate Organization Petition Form and send your application to aa@gss.ubc.ca


One of the perks of being an Affiliated Organization is the GSS Event Fund, a rebate of expenses for events organized and held by AOs. We support AOs in creating and organizing events that will be of social, cultural or academic interest to their fellow graduate students, with an emphasis on events held at the Graduate Student Centre and on interdisciplinary events.

→ Visit Event Fund for more information and how to apply

Name of Affiliated organizationsDate of AffilationExpiration
Pathology Student Association (PaSA)2018-06-182019-06-18
Vancouver Prostate Centre graduate student association2018-06-182019-06-18
Graduate Program in Neuroscience2018-06-182019-06-18
Interdiciplinary graduate student network (iGSN)2018-07-182019-07-18
MEL/MHLP student Executive committee2018-07-182019-07-18
Center for hip health and mobility2018-07-182019-07-18
Microbiology and Immunology Graduate Student Society2018-07-182019-07-18
The Association of Population and Public Health Students2018-07-182019-07-18
Indian Graduate Student Association(IGSA)2018-08-182019-08-18
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association (MEGA)2018-08-182019-08-18
Economics graduate student association2018-08-182019-08-18
Graduate Student Well Being Network2018-09-182019-09-18
Land and Food Systems Graduate Student Association2018-10-182019-10-18
Genome science and technology student group2018-10-182019-10-18
Reproductive and developmental sciences social organization2018-10-182019-10-18
School of Journalism students’ association2018-10-182019-10-18
Rehabilitation sciences executive committee2018-10-182019-10-18
Forestry graduate student association2018-10-182019-10-18
Library and Archival Studies Student Association2018-11-182019-11-18
Master of Business Analytics Student Society2018-11-182019-11-18
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Society2018-11-182019-11-18
Master of Public Policy and Global affairs2018-11-182019-11-18
Civil Engineering Graduate Student Society2018-12-182019-12-18
Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Association2018-12-182019-12-18
Chemical and biological Engineering graduate student club2018-12-182019-12-18
The Association of Population and Public Health (TAPPHS)2018-07-192019-07-19
Vancouver Prostrate Cancer Centre Graduate Student Association2018-07-192019-07-19
Pathology Student Association2018-07-192019-07-19
Center for Hip Health and Mobility2018-07-192019-07-19
MEL/MHLP Student Executive Committee2018-07-192019-07-19
Microbiology and Immunology Gradute Student Society (MIGGS)2018-07-192019-07-19
Economics Graduate Student Association2018-08-162019-08-16
Professional MBA Student Society2018-09-202019-09-20
School of Jounralism2018-10-182019-10-18
Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Associtaion2018-10-182019-10-18
UBC Experimental Medicine2018-10-182019-10-18
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Association2018-11-152019-11-15
Botany Graduate Student Organization2018-11-152019-11-15
Civil Engineering Graduate Student Society2018-11-152019-11-15
Mechanical Engineering2018-11-152019-11-15
Chemical and Biological Engineering Graduate Student Council2019-12-132020-12-13
Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Association2019-12-132020-12-13
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association (BMEGA)2019-02-212020-02-21
Graduate Law Student’s Society2019-02-212020-02-21
Graduate Students in Nursing Association2019-02-212020-02-21

Schedule of Council Meetings

  • Mar 21, 2019
  • Apr 18, 2019
  • May 16, 2019
  • Jun 20, 2019
  • Jul 18, 2019
  • Aug 15, 2019
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