2019 Elections

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GSS Elections

Every student is an individual, but when they group under the umbrella of a society they become a very powerful unit, which can influence decisions.

Former GSS President Taran Dhillon


We elect our 4 executives and two senators annually.

Our executive team lead the Societies activities in collaboration with our Council and Committees. By standing for election you can play a key role in shaping the future of the society and the University.

You can address the challenges that graduate students face whether that is with funding, mental health, housing or simply fitting in on campus. Our mission is to create a graduate community that is cohesive and welcoming, and we need outstanding student leaders to make that happen.

Being an Executive can also help you develop skills that can be beneficial in you course or in employment

  •  Leadership skills
  • Experience of making policy and negotiation
  • Managing staff members
  • An opportunity to work with senior leaders in the University and outside

So if you’re a graduate student, dive in and find out what positions are available, the responsibilities each entail, and which one might be a match for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I eligible?

    You must be a registered Masters or PhD student to be eligible to run for the elections. This status should not change during the term.
  • How long is the term?

    The term for each executive is one year, starting in April 2018 and ending in May 2019.
  • What will I do as an Executive?

    Executives are the face and voice of all graduate students of UBC Vancouver. As an executive, you will meet with UBC administration and officers to advocate on the behalf of graduate students on a variety of issues. Executives are also responsible to make sure that the GSS runs efficiently, upholds its constitution, and is offering services that provide value to graduate students. In these roles, executives will gain invaluable leadership, management, and advocacy experience.
  • Are the positions paid?

    Yes, there is a part-time honorarium for each position. The Executives shall receive the following honoraria provided that all duties pertaining to the position are performed to Council’s satisfaction :

    (a) for the President, thirteen thousand (13, 000) dollars per annum;

    (b) for the Vice ­President, Academic and University Affairs, ten thousand (10, 000) dollars per annum;

    (c) for the Vice ­President, Students, ten thousand (10, 000) dollars per annum;

    (d) for the Vice ­President, External Relations, ten thousand (10, 000) dollars per annum.

  • What is the weekly time commitment?

    All executives are expected to work about 8-10 hours per week, excluding the time required for committee meetings pertaining to their other duties. This time shall be used to perform normal office duties and official functions. However, this time commitment will vary week by week according to what initiatives are underway. All Executives must also attend the monthly Council meetings every third Thursday of the month.

Our Roles


John Ede: I am the public face of the GSS and I lead on communication with the University and National lobbying bodies, as well as carrying out the decisions made by council.

VP External Relations

Gurjot Singh: I advocate on behalf of graduate students at UBC at the provincial and federal level, and in the local community. I work to protect student rights and lobby for causes important to students.

VP Academic

Sara Izadi-Najafabadi: I’m the link between the GSS Council and UBC administration as well as campus organizations, and faculty and teaching staff. I also manage the GSS Advocacy Office.

VP Students

Pouya Rezaeinia: I design and develop fun, informative and useful activities for students on and off campus. These can include sports leagues, language classes, hikes, policy discussions, and more.

Student Senator

Alexa Tanner: Student Senators represent the voice of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Students when it comes to reviewing material that comes through UBC Senate.


Hear from some of our current and previous executives and councilors about why they chose to get involved with the GSS and why you should to.


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2019 Elections