Constitution, Bylaws & Policies


Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (PDF)

GSS Constitution (PDF)

GSS Bylaws (PDF)

GSS Policy Manual (PDF)

White Paper – Supervisory Excellence: A Graduate Student Perspective (PDF)

GSS Position Statements (PDF)

Notes: a major revision is underway to improve our existing bylaws and policy. If you have an questions, please contact your GSS President at

Financial Reports

Financial Statements 2016 (PDF)

Financial Statements 2015 (PDF)

Financial Statements 2014 (PDF)

Code Revisions

Below are the latest documents for the current policy sections under revisions for our next Council meeting:

None at this time.

Position Statements: Proposed Additions or Amendments

Below are the latest proposed position statements or amendments to any existing position statements for the GSS Council’s consideration:

None at this time.

Please direct questions regarding revisions of Position Statements to your GSS President at