Student Executive

The GSS is directed by a five-member group of student executives, elected annually by UBC graduate students.

  • Together, the GSS executives run our student society and manage the day-to-day operations (advocacy, businesses, committees, events,  finances, student services, Graduate Student Centre (GSC) operations, and more).
  • Executives represent all grad student communications in interactions and advocacy with UBC and other community organizations.

Our Graduate + Post Doctoral Studies Student Senators represent students of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on UBC Senate.

Have a question or suggestions? Some of our best actions come from suggestions sent in by students, so please feel free to email our executives for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Taran Dhillon

President  |

Main tasks
- Being the public face of, and speaking on behalf of the GSS - Being accountable for the execution of the GSS Council’s decisions - Being responsible for the performance of the executive team
The advancement of the society, communication with the university and National lobbying bodies, and the pursuit of the society’s core values all fall under the office of the GSS President. The President is always happy to receive e-mails about collaborating with other groups and larger policy questions.


Teilhard Paradela

VP University and Academic Affairs |

Main tasks
- Handles all academic-related questions (e.g. supervisor-student issues, scholarships) - Liaises with UBC faculties and other student services on campus - Manages the GSS advocacy services
The office of the VP – University and Academic Affairs acts as a liaison between the GSS Council and various campus organizations, from UBC Administration and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to instructors, teaching assistants and graduate student associations. The VP also handles the GSS Advocacy Office and other academic matters. The VP University and Academic Affairs would be happy to hear from you about these issues.


Hanna Murray

VP External Relations |

Main tasks
- Advocating on behalf of graduate students at UBC, the provincial and federal government level, and in the local community - Raising concerns of graduate students and creating awareness about decisions that may affect graduate students.
The office of the VP – External Relations focuses on student advocacy through lobbying, funding, and federal and municipal politics. Protecting student rights and advocating for causes important to students fall within the role of this office. Please feel free to contact the VP External Relations if you have any issues or concerns.


Arezoo Alemzadeh Mehrizi

VP Students |

Main tasks
- Planning and implementing programs to meet the academic, social, cultural and recreational needs of Society members - Coordinating Orientation Week for incoming graduate students
The VP – Students is responsible for maintaining and creating interesting activities on campus. These can include running sports leagues, language classes, hikes, coffee groups, yoga, speaker series, cultural events, information sessions, graduate student orientation, and much more. Please feel free to contact the VP Students if you have any thoughts about new events that you are running or would like assistance running and promoting.


Dante Mendoza

Financial and Executive Oversight Officer |

Main tasks
- Ensuring the financial stability and accountability of all Society operations - Organizing the annual audit, preparing and monitoring the budget - Creating the annual business plan
The Financial and Executive Oversight Officer (FEO) focuses on running and maintaining the fiscal sustainability of the GSS. The Officer overseas any financial matters and ensures that budgets are maintained. This office also overseas the granting of money for qualifying groups and student initiatives. Please feel free to contact your FEO for further details.

Miranda Huron & Francisco Gallegos

Graduate + Post Doctoral Studies Student Senator |

Main tasks
- Ensuring that graduate student interests are represented fairly on UBC Senate - Promoting graduate student career development wherever possible - Increasing communication with graduate students to promote awareness of issues on the Senate and gain student feedback
As the Faculty of Graduate Studies student representatives, our Senators are two of the 18 student representatives and the voice for graduate students on UBC Senate. The Senate is the highest governing body responsible for all academic matters, including admissions, awards and scholarships, approval of new courses and programs, examination policies, and curriculum changes. All matters dealt with in senate affects all students one way or another!

Past Student Executives

  • President: Genevieve Cruz
  • VP University & Academic Affairs: Mahshid Ghaffartehrani
  • VP External Relations: Nicholas McGregor
  • VP Students: Jennifer DeBoer & Taran Dhillon
  • Graduate + Post Doctoral Studies Student Senators: Miranda Huron and Jason Speidel
  • President: Tobias Friedel
  • VP University & Academic Affairs: Enav Zusman
  • VP External Relations: Bingyu (Gloria) Liu
  • VP Students: Kevin Mehr
  • Graduate + Post Doctoral Studies Student Senators: Sarah Simon and Nicholas Dawson
  • President: Colúm Connolly
  • VP Administration: Kevin Mehr
  • VP Academic & External Affairs: Daniel Wood
  • VP Finance: Tobias Friedel
  • VP Services: Min Xia
  • Graduate + Post Doctoral Studies Student Senator: Julienne Jagdeo