Committees + Taskforces

Academic and External Committee

The Academic and External Committee endeavours to promote the interests of graduate students within the University community and within the society at large. The committee addresses academic matters, financial concerns and the political needs of graduate students.

Meetings: every second Tuesday at 5:45 pm

Code and Policy Committee

The Code and Policy Committee is responsible for reviewing the Policy Manual, and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society.  They work in collaboration with all other GSS committees, departments, and council to keep the bylaws and policies current.  Up to date bylaws and policies reflect the will of the society and help the GSS run effectively. The Committee has just finished conducting a major revision of the Society bylaws, and are now in the process of updating the policy manual.

Meetings: every second Monday at 6 pm

Harassment and Discrimination Ad Hoc Committee

Harassment and Discrimination ad hoc committee has been struck to address the issue of harassment and discrimination which covers all aspects of graduate student life at UBC, including work as a TA, student-supervisor relationships and peer to peer interactions, etc.​

​The committee conducts research about student experiences not only across Canada, but also world-wide which will be used to develop code of conduct.

Meetings: every other Thursday, 5 pm​

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting annual Society elections.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the members of the GSS-V executive, and is chaired by the GSS-V President.

Executive Oversight Committee

The Executive Oversight Committee is responsible for providing a constructive review of the performance of elected executive members of the GSS, and for facilitating resolution of concerns about the functioning of the elected executive.

House Finance Committee

The House-Finance Committee works to ensure the financial stability and accountability of all Society operations. It is also responsible for organizing the annual audit, preparing and monitoring the budget, and the creation of the annual business plan. In addition to all matters financial, the House-Finance Committee is also responsible for overseeing the use of the physical facilities and equipment of the Centre, dealing with complaints and suggestions, and making recommendations to Council regarding the House and Rules, and the Bookings Policy.

Meetings: every second Tuesday at 5 pm

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee evaluates and reviews all coordinators and student staff and provides regular reviews for the employee handbook of the Society. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Committee to ensure all staffing needs of the GSS are met.

Meetings: Mondays 5-6:30pm

Services Committee

The Services Department of the GSS aims to provide diverse services to UBC graduate students through its direct, face-to-face communication and interaction with them. The main task of Service Committee is to plan and implement programs for the academic, social, cultural, and recreational needs of the members of the Society. The Service Committee is also in charge of publishing annual handbook of the Society. All our events are designed to satisfy various kinds of needs from all graduate students and enable graduate students and their families to better enjoy UBC.

Upcoming events include language, art, dance, and sports classes, a Halloween Party (Oct), a Christmas Party (Dec), Intercultural Events (Nov, Dec, Jan), Ski trips (Jan, Feb, Mar), Ice Skating (Jan), Workshops (Nov, Feb, Mar) and Hiking trips (Summer).

Meetings: every second Monday at 5:45 pm

Strategic Planning Committee

The GSS Strategic Planning Committee shall develop a strategic plan to guide the activities of the Society over a period of not less than 5 years.

Unless otherwise specified…

  • All Council and Committee meetings are open to the public (as non-voting members).
  • The President is an ex-officio member of all committees (except for the Executive Oversight Committee).
  • The GSS Council may appoint a different chair (other than the default chair) to any committee(s).

If there are no vacancies on the Committee that you are interested in joining, you are welcome to attend Committee Meetings as a non-voting member.

External Representatives

In addition to Executives and elected Departmental Representatives, the GSS Council and Committees also include External Representatives. External Representatives are graduate student representatives of the University Senate and Board of Governors, the Student Council of the AMS, and in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

List of current External Representatives on the GSS Council