Volunteering is a great way to give back to your campus community. Throughout the year, we offer multiple opportunities for you to get involved, gain valuable career skills that are critical to success in the post-graduate world, and experience working with a major student government.

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1. Student Executive

The GSS Student Executive is a five-member group of graduate students that represents all communication and advocacy with UBC and other community organizations. The also manage your student society’s day-to-day operations.

At arm’s length is the Graduate + Post Doctoral Studies Student Senator who represents students of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the UBC Senate.

These positions are elected annually by UBC graduate students. Watch for announcement for the call for nominations around February/March.

2. Councillor on the GSS Council

Councillors are departmental representatives on the GSS Council that meets once a month and advocates on behalf of all UBC graduate students to the University, the Government, and the public.

New Councillor intakes occur in February, June and October of each year. Learn more on how to become a GSS Councillor.

3. Steering Committee Member

The GSS Committees oversee specific business functions or manage special ad hoc projects to ensure your student society runs efficiently and effectively. These standing committees meet regularly throughout the year, and they include:

  • Academic and External Affairs
  • Code and Policy
  • Executive Oversight
  • House Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Services

Check out how you can join a GSS Committee

4. Event Volunteer

Your GSS organizes various events throughout the year, such as outings/excursions, social gatherings, and Orientation for UBC graduate students every September and January. We rely on dedicated volunteers to help run these events.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Mentorship and Experiential Learning Commissioner

Works with the GSS VP Students on Orientation initiatives and will assist on the development of community service learning programs and mentorship opportunities for graduate students.


Indigenous Affairs Commissioner

Advises the GSS Executive as to how to improve the Society’s understanding of UBC’s indigenous students and works in concert with the Executive on various initiatives that support indigenous students.


Campus Safety Commissioner

Attends the UBC Health and Safety Committee as the designate of the VP and works on various GSS initiatives related to sexual violence on campus.


Sustainability Commissioner

Assists the GSS VP University and Academic Affairs and President in the development of sustainability policy and projects and be a liaison with graduate students and GSS volunteers working on sustainability projects.


Wellbeing Commissioner

Assists the GSS VP Students liaise with various university stakeholders undertaking wellness programs and will held the GSS Executive initiate programs designed to educate graduate students as to some ways to achieve “wellbeing”


Equity Commissioner

Works with the GSS VP University and Academic Affairs and the GSS President in making the campus more inclusive, more diverse, and more equitable for all graduate students.


Strategic Planning Committee Member

Develops a strategic plan to guide the activities of the Society over a period of not less than 5 years.


Elections Committee Member

Conducts the annual GSS Student Executive elections.


Human Resources Committee Member

Ensures all staffing needs of the GSS are met, evaluates and reviews all coordinators and student staff, and provides regular reviews for the GSS Employee Handbook.


House-Finance Committee Member

Ensures the financial stability and accountability of all GSS operations; oversees the use of the Graduate Student Centre, and makes recommendations to Council on the House and Rules, and the Bookings Policy.



Event Volunteer Roster

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For more information, please contact our VP Students at vpstudents@gss.ubc.ca.