Active Bystander Program

The Active Bystander Train the Trainee Program is a new initiative lead by your Graduate Student Society. The program aims to train graduate students as facilitators who will deliver Active Bystander Workshops to fellow graduate students on how they can help stop sexual assaults on campus.

Facilitators will be leading workshops designed to provide the following outcomes to fellow UBC graduate students:

  • Help empower fellow students on how to respond to discriminatory and hurtful language and behaviour as they witness it
  • Understand the social elements that allow for sexual assault to exist
  • Explain active bystanding and the bystander effect
  • Develop the ability to identify situations where action is needed and have the tools to act

One-Day Training Session for Workshop Facilitators

April 1, 2017
9am –5pm
Thea Koerner House Graduate Student Centre
6371 Crescent Road, UBC Vancouver

Download GSS Active Bystander Workshop Facilitator Application Form
Application deadline: March 30, 2017


To provide trainers with awareness and application of tools available to them to facilitate better active members of the community.

Key topic areas

  • Notice a problem, consider the best intervention and/or exit strategies
  • Learn the skills and strategies to step up


  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided
  • Beverages will be available during breaks. Please feel free to bring your mugs