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Our Society

We are your Graduate Student Society – Run by graduate students, for graduate students.

Our executive team of five graduate students, together with the GSS council, committees, and staff, lead the society to provide support, resources, political advocacy and social events to connect grad students across campus with each other, the university, and the government.

Mission Statement

The Graduate Student Society of UBC Vancouver represents and advocates on behalf of all UBC Graduate Students to the University, the Government, and the public. We provide academic, professional, social, and recreational services to our members, and act as stewards of the Thea Koerner House Graduate Student Centre.

The Grad Student Voice

We represent the 10,000 grad students at UBC, bringing key issues to the university and to government to improve the grad student experience.

Providing Grad Services

Whether you’re looking for academic, personal, or career support during your degree, we help ensure you get the most out of your time at UBC.

Connecting Grads

Building community is key. We offer a host of events, classes, and other opportunities year-round to connect with grad students across campus.

Constitution, Policies & Strategic Plan

Our constitution, policies, bylaws, and strategic plan together compose the core objectives, principles, and rules that guide our day-to-day work and codify how the GSS functions. Everything we do is built upon these core documents that outline our work and how we run the Society.


Our constitution outlines the fundamental objectives of the Society to support graduate students, from removing financial and physical access barriers to graduate education at UBC to ensuring adequate housing and childcare, being the voice of graduate students on campus, and coordinating interdepartmental graduate student activities.

Bylaws & Policies

Our bylaws and policies codify the rules that outline how we run and guide our day-to-day work at the GSS. Everything we do – from how we organize Council, committees, and referendums, to how we manage our spaces and partnerships is guided by our bylaws and policies.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan identifies the Society’s current areas of focus and its key initiatives arising from these areas, both to improve the lives of graduate students and improve the GSS as an organization.


The following BC provincial acts relate to student government and further inform the structure of the GSS as a society, as well as our work within the University.