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Our Vision

We strive to improve the academic experience of graduate students, by working to improve the student – supervisory relationship, as well issues relating to academic practice. Our Peer Support Specialists offer personal support to students who are experiencing problems with their graduate study.

Areas of Focus


For graduate students, attempting to report incidents of harassment, mental health issues and concerns about their relationships with their superiors is often a very stressful process due to the delicate nature of their position in the hierarchical academic system. Graduate students heavily rely on their relationship with their department, which includes faculty, other academics and their peers, as well as their relationship with their supervisor to advance academically.

Supervisory Excellence: A Graduate Student Perspective Report

Published by the GSS in March 2017, Supervisory Excellence: A Graduate Student Perspective offers strong recommendations for the university to adopt.

This report emphasizes that effective student supervision is beneficial for not only the students, but also for supervisors, the faculty and the university. This requires a holistically defined framework and an active implementation of the same, which needs to be prioritized by the supervisor as well as the managing faculty.