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GSS Graduate Coaching Program .

What Is Coaching?

The coaching process is highly customizable to your unique needs and circumstances, making it a valuable tool for personal and professional growth.

Our unique coaching program is specifically designed to address the needs of graduate students.

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

How Can Graduate Students Benefit from Coaching?

Effective communication

If you struggle with communicating effectively with your professors, supervisors or peers in your academic or professional pursuits, coaching can help you develop the communication skills necessary for success.

Relationship building

Graduate students often need to establish strong connections with peers, mentors, supervisors and sponsors. This coaching program can assist you in building meaningful relationships that can support your academic and career goals.


Overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome is essential for graduate students to feel optimistic in their studies and achieve their dream careers. Coaching can help boost your confidence and self-belief. 

Unleashing potential

You possess the talents and skills needed for success, but sometimes self-limiting beliefs hold you back. Coaching can empower you to pursue your ideal career and live the life you aspire to lead.

Stress management

This coaching program can help you manage stress when facing challenges, like balancing additional responsibilities alongside academic engagement. It equips you with effective strategies.

Time management and productivity

Coaching offers tools to prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently. This leads to increased productivity, helping you achieve more in less time for a balanced life.

What Past Students Have to Say about the Program

"It was such an incredible experience to learn and practice the coaching frameworks and effective conversational skills.
I am not the same person who started this class. Through this class I improved my active listening skills and developed my coach-like presence. Since incorporating these skills into my daily conversations, the quality of my conversations has improved.
This program is the beginning of a lifelong journey."
Sina Halvaei
PhD student at UBC and past student of the coaching program

Celebration and Recognition

Our coaching programs are geared towards making grad students and recent grads reach their goals. At the end of our session, students receive recognition for their achievements and the chance to celebrate with a cohort of peers.

Discover Our Current Programs

Effective Communication Coaching Program

The GSS Graduate Coaching Program equips graduate students with tools and frameworks to enhance leadership communication, improving their relationships and helping them achieve professional goals.

Career Coaching Program

Discover your true self and the qualities for work engagement through hands-on learning, group discussions, and creative career growth conversations. Gain evidence-based tools for effective career decisions and a hopeful outlook on your desired life.

Effective Communication Coaching Program .

Course Description

The GSS Graduate Coaching Program aims to equip graduate students with frameworks and tools to enhance leadership communication. Through practice, in and outside of the classroom, participants will develop a ‘coach approach’ and learn to incorporate these skills into their everyday conversations with peers and colleagues. As the quality of their conversations improves, along with their relationships with their peers, participants will be better equipped to achieve their professional goals. 

During the Course Students Will

  • Gain a foundational understanding of the concept of coaching

  • Learn the conversational coaching framework and how to apply it in everyday conversations

  • Practice essential coaching skills such as active listening and powerful questioning

  • Build connections with the GSS student community and foster peer-to-peer coaching support

  • Participate in one-on-one coaching with experienced coach practitioners

Lesson Plan

  • Session 1      Introduction to Coaching 

  • Session 2      Coaching Fundamental: Core Coaching Skills

  • Session 3      Coaching Fundamental: A simple framework

  • Session 4      Practice in Coaching Lab

  • Session 5      Practice in Peer Coaching Triangle (PCT)

  • Session 6      Additional Coaching Toolkits & Wrap-Up


Beata Chami

Beata Chami is an organizational psychologist and certified coach. Beata serves as an external coach with the Coaching@UBC program. Her passion is fostering spaces where people can show up as their best selves both personally and professionally. Beata specializes in workplace health and well-being, having worked in municipal, healthcare, non-profit, and hospitality industries for the past decade. Much of her experience lies in psychological safety and health promotion, which has led to her interest and involvement in mental health advocacy within organizations, schools, and the community. In her spare time, Beata enjoys running, playing soccer, and spending time with loved ones.

Lily Gu

Lily is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As a certified organizational coach and a leadership coach, Lily partners with individuals and groups to enhance their leadership capacity and navigate through challenges and opportunities with confidence and ease. Lily holds a Master of Education and a Master of Computer Engineering. Lily is currently serving as an associate coach with the Coaching@UBC program, a mentor coach with the Certificate in Organizational Coaching program, and a leadership development coach with a few other organizations. Prior to becoming a professional coach, Lily worked 20+ years in Higher Education and IT.

Career Coaching Program .

Course Description

Learn about who you are, and the qualities you need to feel engaged in the work you do. Through hands-on learning, group discussions, and creative approaches to career growth conversations, you will spend time engaging in evidence-based approaches that will prepare you to make effective career decisions, and feel more hopeful about the life you want to lead.

During the Course Students Will

  • Learn to take a more holistic approach to career-decision making and the components contributing to your career development.

  • Clarify who you are through real-life experiences and narrative approaches to strength-based career conversations.

  • Reflect on your career journey using metaphor, while also beginning to look ahead to future possibilities.

  • Discover what attracts you to the work you do, moving beyond naming a job to understand the qualities you need in place to do the work you love.

  • Identify next steps and develop a plan to put learning into action.


Andrea Fruhling

Andrea is a Certified Organizational Coach and an accredited coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation. She is the Founding Director of Doubleknot Works and a Mentor Coach & Instructor for UBC’s Organizational Coaching program. She is the lead instructor for the Career Coaching Masterclass (UBC), and trains career coaches and counsellors globally. Andrea is a trained Facilitator in the LEGO® Serious Play® Method and Materials, and enjoys building connections between career development, coaching, and creativity.

The GSS conducts the Effective Communication Coaching Program twice a year — from February to March, and from October to November. The half-day Career Coaching Program session is held twice a year too, typically on a Saturday in February and September.

Registration for the respective programs opens in January and September. Detailed registration information is advertised via the GSS weekly newsletter and our social media channels (@ubcgss on Instagram).

You can also send us an email throughout the year to receive a reminder when registrations open. Please note that the coaching program spots fill up fast.


For general inquiries on the coaching program and questions, please email