GSS committees work directly in specific areas of interest to enhance graduate student life at UBC. They have a say in how all the distinct parts of the society operate, and focus on any of the aspects of the society from the running of events, to elections, finance, and policy, and are overseen by the Council.

Committees are a great opportunity to gain experience and know-how in a specific area of interest, and to have a more direct impact on specific issues affecting graduate students.

All committee meetings are open to current UBC graduate students.

Interested in Joining a Committee?

See our Get Involved section, or Contact a Committee Chair.

Academic & External Affairs Committee

We tackle a host of important academic and personal issues, ranging from graduate supervision and funding, to mental and physical wellness.

We help the Society lobby effectively to the University and externally to improve the graduate student experience, and work to better understand and represent our grad community through collecting and analyzing data with the annual GSS Student Satisfaction Survey.

Meetings: Bi-monthly

Code & Policy Committee

We work with the core documents that define how the Society operates - the GSS Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Manual - to ensure they are effective and up to date to support the efficient running of the Society. We work on a wide range of projects, from updating current policies to align with new legislation, to simplifying and clarifying key documents, and ensuring they reflect the Society's aims.

Meetings: Monthly

Elections Committee

We manage and run the Society's referendums and annual elections, getting graduate students politically engaged and voting, and supporting candidates in navigating the elections process. Our work also includes publicizing the elections and candidate nominations, and coordinating online voting.

Meetings: Biweekly coupled with activities during elections season (Jan-Apr); monthly meetings during the remainder of the year.

Governance & Accountability Committee

We work to ensure that the GSS runs effectively as an organization, and aligns its activities to meet the goals defined in our strategic plan. We coordinate with many different bodies within the Society, engaging in strategic planning, continuously reviewing the governance structure of the Society, identifying any gaps, and proposing improvements. We also oversee the performance of all other GSS standing committees and of the Financial and Executive Oversight Officer.

Meetings: Bimonthly

House Finance Committee

We direct the financial wellbeing and performance of the Society, ensuring resources are managed optimally to support the activities of the GSS and benefit graduate students. We create the annual business plan for the Society, prepare and monitor the GSS budget, and conduct annual audits. We are also responsible for overseeing the use of our facilities at the Graduate Student Centre located at Thea Koerner House.

Meetings: Bimonthly

Human Resources Committee

We work to ensure the Society is staffed with a strong team of people to carry out the work and goals of the GSS. We monitor staffing needs, actively recruit new employees of the Society, and ensure staff are receiving appropriate evaluations.

Meetings: Bimonthly

Services Committee

We plan and organize social events, programs, workshops, and classes for graduate students across campus. From organizing archery tag and wine tours to hosting professional development events or language classes, we are in charge of engaging and connecting graduate students through the events the Society puts on.

Meetings: Bimonthly

Study Room, Thea Koerner House, UBC

GSS Loft, Rm. 4202 of AMS Student Nest, UBC

Leon’s Lounge, Thea Koerner House, UBC

Thea’s Lounge, Thea Koerner House, UBC

Penthouse, Thea Koerner House, UBC