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Starting Out in Entrepreneurship: Got a Startup Idea? Where Can You Find Help?

List of Resources

Congratulations on taking the leap and launching your startup! While getting your venture off the ground is a remarkable achievement, the journey has only just begun. To ensure your startup’s continued growth and success, it’s crucial to focus on four key pillars: education, mentorship, access to investors, and community. These cornerstones will provide the support and resources needed to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that come your way.

1. Education: Keep learning through workshops, lectures, and seminars to stay abreast of industry trends and refine your business model. Look for programs and courses tailored to your startup’s needs.

2. Mentorship: Connect with experienced entrepreneurs for tailored guidance. Utilize mentorship programs and networks for personalized support.

3. Investor Access: To expand, and explore funding through pitch competitions and investor networks. Attend events to meet potential investors.

4. Resources: For specific needs like lab facilities or tools, seek campus resources or local business incubators. Co-working spaces also offer collaborative environments and shared resources.

5. Community: Engage with other entrepreneurs in incubators or community spaces for support, collaboration, and idea exchange.

Here are some resources, both on and off-campus, to help nurture your startup:

Education, Access to Investors

Next Canada

Next 36 is an eight-month program tailored for graduate students and recent graduates with entrepreneurial ambitions, aiming to foster Canada's next top startups. This comprehensive program offers a world-class curriculum taught by accomplished entrepreneurs and faculty, guiding participants from idea conception to successful launch. Graduate students benefit from unparalleled growth opportunities, including access to a vast alumni network of over 1,000 members for coaching and resources, connections to a robust investor network for potential funding opportunities, and valuable mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs. Additionally, participants enjoy free office space to enhance productivity and collaboration, in-kind products and services from program partners, and an opportunity to network with Canada's leading entrepreneurs. This hands-on program not only educates but also provides the tools and connections necessary for launching and growing a successful venture.


Key Dates:

  • Applications open: July - August
  • Deadline to apply: October
  • Part-time program runs: January - April (virtual)
  • Full-time program runs: May - August (in person, Toronto)



  • Next 36 welcomes Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and individuals with student/working visas.
  • Canadian citizens enrolled at international institutions can apply, provided they can commit to the full summer program.
  • There is no minimum GPA requirement.
  • During the summer Entrepreneurship Institute (May-August), participants must fully commit to the program with no other classes, jobs, or side hustles.


Creative Destruction Lab

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a global nonprofit focused on accelerating the growth of scalable, seed-stage, science and technology ventures. It connects ventures with experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors, and top scientists for mentorship and guidance. The program offers access to capital, expert advice on technology development, and business support, including financial modeling and market analysis. Through CDL Streams, ventures align with emerging technologies and commercial opportunities. With a track record of its alumni companies generating over CAD$28B in equity value, CDL is a powerful platform for fostering entrepreneurial success in cutting-edge fields, benefiting both students and the broader realm of scientific and technological innovation.


Key Dates:

  • CDL operates throughout the year with continuous streams for participating ventures.



  • CDL is designed for early-stage, science-based technology companies.
  • Applicants are considered based on their potential to scale and the viability of their product.


Education, Space and Resources

SBME Propels

UBC School of Biomedical Engineering

SBME Propels is an extracurricular program launched by SBME in partnership with e@UBC, designed to equip graduate students, staff, and faculty with essential skills in partnerships, translation, leadership, and pedagogy within the biomedical engineering (BME) field. It offers valuable insights and tools to prepare graduates for diverse careers in BME.


Propels Streams:

  • Innovation & Partnerships: Learn about research partnerships, knowledge translation, and commercialization to support impactful innovations.
  • Leadership and Pedagogy: Discover effective leadership principles and foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.
  • Career Paths: Explore various career options within the BME field, from MedTech and AI to Biotech and academia-to-industry transitions.
  • Professional Skills: Enhance your professional skills to excel in your chosen career path.



Graduate students, staff, and faculty in the biomedical engineering field who want to gain valuable skills and insights to advance their careers.


Education, Community

League of Innovators

League of Innovators is a Canadian charity dedicated to empowering young individuals, including graduate students, by providing them with entrepreneurial skills and confidence to shape their futures. The organization offers an alternative entrepreneurial curriculum for those aged 15-25, emphasizing equitable access and fostering a network across Canada. Its key offering, the Launch It Program, is a virtual incubator that aids young entrepreneurs in developing their ideas with resources, mentorship, and community support. This program is particularly beneficial for graduate students seeking to expand their entrepreneurial understanding and pursue their passions in a supportive, inclusive environment.



The Launch It Program is tailored for graduate students if:

  • You are 25 years old or younger or if 50% of your co-founding team is 25 and younger.
  • You reside in Canada or are a Canadian abroad with internet access.


Mentorship, Space and Resources

Venture Founder

Venture Founder is a streamlined program for UBC-affiliated entrepreneurs, including students, faculty, staff, and recent alumni. It's designed to accelerate startup development, focusing on industry traction and venture foundation. The program offers personalized mentorship and resources from the entrepreneurship@UBC Mentor Network, fostering leadership and business skills. Participants engage in workshops and focus on essential startup elements like team development and technology. This initiative is ideal for entrepreneurial leaders aiming to grow sustainable, impactful companies.



  • UBC affiliation and commitment to the venture journey.


Key Dates:

  • Application Deadline - December.


Space/Resources, Community

HATCH Venture Builder

HATCH Venture Builder, a UBC-led initiative in partnership with ICICS and entrepreneurship@UBC, is a late-stage accelerator aimed at propelling technological and social innovations with commercial potential. It's an ideal environment for graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni to access top research, high-end prototyping facilities, and tailored mentorship within UBC. HATCH emphasizes a supportive community and comprehensive education in startup creation, covering aspects like marketing and fundraising. Since its inception in 2016, HATCH has significantly impacted the entrepreneurial landscape, supporting 65 ventures, generating substantial revenue, and creating hundreds of jobs. Ventures at HATCH benefit from various supports like advanced workshops, mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, access to funding opportunities, and dedicated makerspace and office space. Additionally, HATCH focuses on work culture and community building, ensuring ventures contribute positively to the ecosystem. Eligible ventures can also access funding through the Concept Fund, enhancing their development and commercial prospects.


Key Dates:

  • Quarterly Application Deadlines: April, July, October