Food and Feeding Aid

Includes resources for students to get access to food for free or at a greatly subsidized rate.

List of Food and Feeding Aid

UBC Meal Share

The Meal Share program helps financially disadvantaged students access nutritious food, addressing the challenges they face in terms of well-being and academics. It provides non-repayable funds for food assistance once per academic term. For more information and FAQs, consult Details on specific supports available


AMS Food Bank

The AMS Food Bank provides perishable and non-perishable foods, personal hygiene supplies, and information on additional resources in Vancouver to UBC students.



Acadia Food Hub

Acadia Food Hub is a community project targeted at supporting households with food and baby supplies.



UBC Sprouts

UBC Sprouts is a 100% volunteer and student-run organization at UBC whose goal is to make healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food accessible to everyone.


Agora Café

Agora Café is a student volunteer-run, non-for-profit café on the UBC campus that aims to provide affordable, accessible, healthy, local, and organic food choices.


UBC Farmers’ Market

The UBC Farmers’ Market is operated by the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC and aims to provide students access to food grown at affordable prices.


Food at UBC Vancouver

Sends out regular information on campus food events, promotions, special deals, nutrition resources, and more.


UBC Food Hub

The Food Hub Market allows you to shop at-cost grocery essentials on the Vancouver campus.


UBC Food Hub Market

The food hub market allows you to shop at-cost grocery essentials on the Vancouver campus.



Graduate Student Financial Aid (GSFA)

Provides graduate students at UBC micro funding to support them in the event of unforeseen financial hardship, including sudden food insecurity.


Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Provides healthy food for free to individuals and families in need across Vancouver.



Kits Cares Café Grocery Program

Kits Cares Café Grocery Program is a weekly low-cost food market, jointly hosted by nearby churches, to address hunger and social isolation.


Food Stash Foundation Pedal to Plate

The Food Stash Foundation Pedal to Plate program is a registered charity in Vancouver that keeps surplus food from going to waste and delivers it to where it is needed.


Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Food Distribution

LMNHS Food Hub’s mission is to create a local, community-led food system thereby increasing access to healthy food. A weekly food distribution program happens in the community.


Tenth Church Oasis Café

Tenth Church runs a frequent community meal that welcomes all and they aim to provide a haven for people to find refreshment and renewal.


Richmond Food Bank

The Richmond Food Bank is a dynamic hub that connects people, food, and services that are essential to health and well-being.




For general inquiries on aid and questions, please email