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GSS Job Posting: Electoral and Student Engagement Officer

GSS Job Posting: Electoral and Student Engagement Officer

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This role will allow you to play a crucial role in running the elections cycle, and building connections for the GSS across campus.

Oversee the electoral processes such as the nominating, campaigning, and voting periods. You’ll work with the Executives in projects throughout the year but your most important role will be leading various aspects of the election’s process, encouraging individuals to nominate themselves for election, and inspiring graduate students to vote for the next group of student leaders.

We are a community and we strive to be welcoming to every graduate student. We represent the needs of 10,000 UBC graduate students by advocating for their interests and providing opportunities for their social and professional development. In this role you will be engaging with graduate students about each of these distinct aspects of our work, with an emphasis on the election process, to help raise awareness of the Society’s role. 

The Electoral and Student Engagement Officer (ESEO) will work under the joint supervision of the Elections Committee, the Communication and Marketing Director, and the Vice President (VP) Students Executive in developing and managing the electoral process, including nominations, campaign period, voting process, election results, as well as enhancing student engagement.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support and promote the nomination, and campaign period for GSS elections, following the protocols laid out in the GSS Elections Handbook. ESEO will be working closely with the GSS Marketing & Communications department.
  • Manage the GSS online ballot.
  • Present the election results to GSS council and make recommendations on the election process.
  • Manage complaints or appeals filed alongside the Elections Committee and submit explanation of rulings to GSS council.
  • Develop and carry out strategies for graduate student engagement with GSS. For example:
    • Raise awareness of the work, purpose, accomplishments, and mission of GSS
    • Provide input and suggestions on communications and student engagement planning, in relation to key projects like the annual GSS student survey and Elections
    • Collaborate closely with VP Students and VP academic in support of the GSS advocacy and outreach work
  • Other duties as required.

Level of Supervision Provided

  • ESEO will report to Chair of the Elections Committee, the VP Students, and the Communication and Marketing Director
  • ESEO will receive joint training, guidance, and mentorship by the Elections Committee, the Communication and Marketing Director, and the VP Students


  • A UBC graduate student preferred
  • Eligible for the UBC WorkLearn Program
  • Knowledge of the GSS executive positions and electoral processes, including nominations, campaigning and voting, an advantage
  • Ability to work efficiently both in the office and in a remote environment

Elements needed by a graduate student for a great fit

  • Excellent team player, self-motivated and a quick learner
  • Demonstrated leadership, time management, and organizational skills
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • Problem resolution skills and strong critical thinking skills are strong assets
  • Conflict resolution skills and/or willingness to learn is an asset
  • Excellent attention to detail

Student Learning Components

Students meeting the requirements will go through an interview process. Feedback of the interview will be provided to successful candidates for personal growth. For students interested in working in public policy or educational administration, this position provides intimate exposure with student government and the execution of election protocols, as well as the opportunity to provide input into the protocols’ refinement. Furthermore, student engagement is an important aspect of this work. The ESEO will also gain experience in event planning and organization, ranging from elections, debates, focus groups, and more.

Orientation and Training

  • Introduction to the GSS, its work, and its structure.
  • Introduction to the appropriate departments of the GSS relevant to various aspects of this position.
  • An overview of the election guidelines and policies as established by the GSS, by the committee chair.
  • Relevant documents describing election guidelines will be provided.
  • Training for using the SimplyVoting program to ensure the required access to oversee the GSS election.
  • Orientation by the VP Students to relevant projects focused on increased graduate student engagement with the GSS.
  • Introduction to the Society’s goals for enhancing student engagement in order to develop appropriate strategies.

Feedback and On-going Support:

The ESEO will be working closely with the Elections Committee, VP Students and Communications and Marketing Director, and communication and discussion is actively encouraged.

The ESEO will have regular opportunities to meet with supervisors to discuss performance and raise any issues. They will also be included in the formal W/L feedback mechanisms.

Additionally, the ESEO will be a member of the Elections Committee and will be able to attend meetings and call on the Committee’s expertise to assist with project work.

Personal & Professional Development:

  • Opportunities for honing multitasking skills and handling deadlines
  • Opportunities for practicing conflict resolution and enhancing communication skills.
  • Practice leadership and management skills by planning and facilitating elections procedures.
  • Gaining experience with student government body, policy, and elections procedures.
  • Gain experience with student outreach and maximizing engagement through digital and physical mediums.
  • Gain experience organizing and budgeting events such as meetings for the election’s candidates, debates, as well as non-elections-related events such as focus groups, and more.
  • Gain experience by assisting the measurement and evaluation of student communication channels to inform their ongoing development and improve student engagement.

Networking and Mentorship Opportunities

  • Working with the GSS Executive team. An opportunity to learn more about their work and how student-run societies operate.
  • Working closely with the GSS Elections Committee. An opportunity to learn how to manage elections and voting, and help prepare/organize the candidates.
  • General career mentorship from the Communication and Marketing Director in areas such as:  interacting successfully with staff and faculty, developing a portfolio, and advice about future job applications.
  • Potential for forming collaborations with external partners of the GSS, student societies, and other relevant institutions.
  • Opportunities to join the VP Students GSS Executive in engaging the graduate student community at UBC.
  • At the end of the Elections period and possibly after the completion of individual projects there will be a general debrief about the role. This is an opportunity for discussion, suggestions for improvements and recognition of successes.

Hours of Work

  • 5 hours per week

How to Apply

Apply via Careersonline

Any questions about the role, can be directed to

Location of Work

  • Opportunity to work at the office of the Communication and Marketing Director or to work remotely
    • This discussion will be flexible and ongoing depending on the COVID-19 situation and on the specific needs/preferences of the successful candidate and the needs of the position.

About the GSS

The GSS (Graduate Student Society) serves the 10,000 graduate students at UBC Vancouver, helping them have the best experience possible during their studies. We connect graduate students with campus resources, opportunities, and social events. We provide everything from individual support for students, to advocacy at provincial and federal levels on the most important issues graduate students face. The GSS is located at Thea Koerner House, which has been the center of graduate student life on campus since it was opened in 1962.

Ensuring an inclusive and diverse workplace is a key value of the GSS. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives, and are proud to promote a supportive work environment.

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