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GSS Job Posting: Privacy Policy Assistant

GSS Job Posting: Privacy Policy Assistant

The GSS is now hiring for a Privacy Policy Assistant position. The student would work closely with GSS Executives and Staff to revamp and further develop the Society’s Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection Guidelines. The ideal applicant is a JD candidate from the Allard School of Law with a background and strong familiarity with provincial privacy regulations and legislature particularly BC PIPA. Experience working with BC PIPA in the context of organizational privacy policy is an asset.


Start & End Dates

December 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021


Pay & Hours

Part-time (6 hours/week) – $21.37 per hour


Deadline to Apply

November 13, 2020


How to apply

Interested applicants should email a resumes and cover letter to


Detailed Job Description



  • Research and understand applicable provincial privacy legislature
  • Survey type, extent and methods of collection and handling of personal information by various departments and committees within the GSS
  • Consult with GSS Privacy Officer to understand the needs of the Society with respect to personal information protection, collection, handling, and storage
  • Evaluate the current GSS Privacy Policy and potential shortcomings
  • Survey privacy policy of similar organizations
  • Develop and revamp the current GSS Data Privacy Policy to comply with BC PIPA requirements and provincial regulations on personal information protection
  • Develop guidelines on risk management and best practices in relation to collection, use, and storage of personal information within GSS
  • Tailor available PIA template from BC OIPC for use by GSS

General Qualifications

  • A passion for policy development, especially in privacy law
  • Strong willingness to learn about laws, policies, and practices surrounding personal information protection
  • Experience in legal writing, especially legislative drafting
  • Familiarity with BC’s Personal Information Protection Act
  • Excellent team player and self-motivated learner
  • Strong time management and project coordination skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Experience working with Microsoft Office
  • Preference will be given to JD Candidates



  • The student will receive an orientation introducing them to the GSS from the President covering areas including the general structure and function of the Society as well as housekeeping rules such as security, health and safety guidelines (including those implemented for COVID-19)
  • The Privacy Officer will provide an introduction to GSS privacy
  • The President and VP External will provide an overview of the GSS Data Privacy Policy Development Project including tasks, deadlines, and deliverables



  • Ongoing supervision is provided by the President, GSS Privacy Office and VP External
  • The student will have weekly check-in meetings with the President, GSS Privacy Officer and VP
  • At the end of the period and after the completion of the individual projects, there will be a exit interview and debrief on deliverables. This is an opportunity discussion, suggestions for improvements and recognition of


For students interested in working in public policy, advocacy, technology, government, NGOs and grassroot organizations, or interested in pursuing a career in law, legislation or public office, this experience will be invaluable. This work provides real-world opportunity and practical experience, touching on all aspects of legislation and public policy – from research to policy development to meeting with various stakeholders within an organization.


By the end of the work term, the Policy Assistant will have gained:

  • Expertise with the provincial privacy legislation and its requirements
  • Experience in research and development of privacy policies
  • Practical knowledge in legislative drafting
  • Deeper understanding of policy development and the challenges surrounding it
  • Experience in communication of policy ideas to staff, executives, and counsellors
  • Experience working with legal professionals on document revision
  • Skills in risk and liability assessment and mitigation
  • Experience developing Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Skills to communicate succinctly and effectively
  • Confidence in leadership skills by taking the initiative on developing policy ideas
  • Effective time management and prioritization skills by managing research, deliverables, and meetings
  • The opportunity to develop items for their academic portfolio (e.g. privacy policy)

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