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GSS Survey Coordinator

GSS Survey Coordinator

As part of the Graduate Student Society you will play an important part in advocating for the graduate student community on important topics like supervision, housing and harassment by preparing, administering, and analyzing the annual GSS Student Satisfaction Survey (GSS-SSS). Since 2014, The answers and opinions collected from the survey have been helping the GSS identify the most pressing challenges faced by graduate students, and then advocate the university and government for improvements in areas such as graduate student funding, housing, or career preparation. The Survey Coordinator works under the supervision of VP Academic and University Affairs in the development of the GSS’s policies on important topics and to develop links between the GSS and policy makers on campus and outside. Summary of Main Responsibilities: PREPARATION
  • Consult the constituents of the GSS, including the members of its Academic and External Committee, Executive Committee, and Council, to finalize the substance, structure, and schedule for the GSS–SSS.
  • Address the technical and logistical requirements for the GSS-SSS.
  • Direct the promotion of the GSS-SSS.
  • Collaborate with pertinent agencies within and outside the university, such as the Survey Governance Committee, AMS, G+PS, to manage and execute the dissemination of the GSS-SSS.
  • Organize the data from, and summarize the findings of, the GSS-SSS for analyses.
  • Secure the data from the GSS-SSS for archiving.
  • Support the GSS Advocates and the GSS Academic and External Committee by analysing data that relates to their priorities.
  • Collaborate with the GSS Policy Assistant to ensure a data management policy is concluded.
  • Provide a bi-weekly progress report to the GSS VP University and Academic Affairs.
  • Applicants should be current students of UBC graduate programs.
  • Must be able to demonstrate excellence in quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Must be proficient in R, Excel, SPSS, and other statistical and visualization tools.
  • Be knowledgeable about online survey platforms such as Qualtrics, and online reporting software Tableau and Microsoft Power BI
  • Having experience or training in project management is a big asset.
  • Must have strong leadership and organizational skills.
  • Must be able to communicate complex ideas on paper and in person.
  • Must be able to communicate diplomatically.
  • Must be able to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Having an interest in graduate student advocacy is a big asset.
Student Learning Components: TRAINING AND ORIENTATION:
  • The GSS VP UAA and the Office Manager will provide a comprehensive orientation to the Survey Coordinator. It will include an overview of the GSS a history of the GSS-SSS and related surveys and an introduction to the GSS survey repository.
  • The Survey Coordinator will also be trained on how to navigate the communication and database systems of the GSS.
  • The Survey Coordinator reports directly to the GSS VP UAA, who will provide ongoing training and supervision
SUPPORT AND EVALUATION: The GSS Survey Coordinator will meet regularly with the VP UAA to discuss the progress of work. They will also provide updates of work to meetings of the GSS Academic and External Committee who will provide direction and feedback. WORKPLACE SKILLS AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: For students interested in working in public policy or educational administration, working on developing and analyzing the GSS Student Survey is valuable experience. This work provides hands on experience that relates directly to real world jobs in the policy or education fields. By the end of the work term, the Survey Coordinator will have gained:
  • Experience of working in a professional office environment, serving the needs of graduate students
  • Experience of analyzing survey data for policy and advocacy work
  • Experience in visualizing and explaining data to make it impactful and interesting.
  • Deeper understanding of higher education policy and policy making
  • Enhanced communication skills. By being a member of a team, workers will enhance their listening skills and ability to communicate ideas clearly.
  • Increased confidence in leadership skills by taking the initiative on developing ideas
  • Effective time management skills by managing deadlines and learning how to prioritize urgent items.
  • The opportunity to develop items for a portfolio, that can support coursework.
  • The ability to connect with graduate students and to understand how to communicate with a specific audience
The details Wages  $17.04 per hour plus 4% vacation pay which will be paid semi-monthly. Hours of Work
  • The position requires a time commitment of 5 hours per week.
  • The term of the Survey Coordinator is expected to commence on July 21st, 2019 and continue until June 30th, 2020.
How to Apply Please email your resume and cover letter (in PDF format) to  About the GSS The GSS (Graduate Student Society) serves the 10,000 graduate students at UBC Vancouver, helping them have the best experience possible during their studies. We connect graduate students with campus resources, opportunities, and social events. We provide everything from individual support for students, to advocacy at provincial and federal levels on the most important issues graduate students face. The GSS is located at Thea Koerner House, which has been the center of graduate student life on campus since it was opened in 1962. Ensuring an inclusive and diverse workplace is a key value of the GSS. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives, and are proud to promote a supportive work environment. Become be a part of the GSS.

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