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AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan

The AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan provides extended health and dental coverage, specifically designed for students to cover expenses not covered by basic health care plans. This plan covers expenses such as prescription drugs, dental care, travel health coverage, vision care, and more.

Plan Details

• For complete plan details, including claim forms and how to opt out or enroll your family, visit

• For partial or up to a full reimbursement of the fee if you are experiencing financial hardship, visit Health Plan Premium Assistance Fund


Contact the Health & Dental Plan Office:

• By phone: 236-477-2205
• At AMS Nest: Rm. 3127

How to Access Your Personal Claim Information

1. Go to

2. Login or create a new account

Enter group number(s):
• Health & travel: 43979
• Dental: 043979

3. Enter your ID number, which is your student number

Need Financial Assistance?

See the Health Plan Premium Assistance Fund, which may grant a partial or full reimbursement of the fee for the AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan.


All AMS and GSS members who pay AMS fees for the Health & Dental Plan are automatically enrolled, including full-time and part-time students, international students, and those auditing a course.

To verify if you are enrolled in the Health & Dental Plan, check your fee statement and look for the “AMS med/dent fee” line item. You can do this online through the Student Services Portal.

If you’re covered by another extended plan (i.e. parent or spouse’s employee plan), you can combine both plans to maximize your overall coverage and reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.

You may also choose to opt out of the AMS/GSS Plan and have the fee reversed from your student account. All opt-outs must be completed within the Change-of-Coverage Period or within three weeks of your registration date, whichever is later. If it is your first time opting out, you will need to provide proof of other health and dental coverage. Visit and follow the on-screen instructions for opting out.

Students have the option of enrolling their spouse or dependants by completing an enrolment process and paying an additional fee. Common law and same-sex couples are eligible.

Visit and follow the on-screen instructions for enrolments.

Change-of-Coverage Period

Students can opt out or enroll their family during the change-of-coverage period, which is in September or January each year.

See for the exact dates by which you can change your coverage.

For returning students and students starting in September: September change-of-coverage period applies

For new students starting in January: January change-of-coverage period applies

Blackout Period

For the first 2 months of each term, the processing of new plan members’ claims is delayed. This is because StudentCare, the extended health and dental plan provider must first wait for complete enrolment lists after the change-of-coverage period.

Claims can be dropped off at the Health & Dental Plan Office, but they will not be processed until the Blackout Period ends. You may also hold your claims until this time.

Claims are your responsibility until they are received by the insurance company. Practitioners and pharmacists also can’t accept Pay Direct, or assignment of benefits during the Blackout Period.

International Students (iMed)

If you are a new international student, please see iMed, the mandatory, basic health insurance program for international students.

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

In order to claim health benefits under the AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan, you must already be covered by one of the following:

• BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

• Other equivalent basic coverage, such as other provincial health care or private basic health insurance.

MSP is public health insurance. Anyone residing in B.C. for longer than six months is required by law to enroll in it. Visit BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) for more information.