Housing Security Aid (HSA)

The Housing Security Aid (HSA), is a newly approved fund provided by the GSS specifically to cover housing-related challenges. The purpose of the HSA is to provide housing related support to graduate students who are facing housing insecurity or challenges with funding coverage ranging from:

  • Rent/ Security deposit assistance (including rent increases by landlord)
  • Moving-related expenses
  • Assistance with temporary accommodations
  • Assistance with replacement of damaged items in the student’s units which could necessitate fines by landlord

Note: Funds are subject to availability, not all eligible applications will be approved. The amount that can be approved for individual applications varies with a maximum of $1000.


How is the decision made?

A panel made up of the GSS Peer Support Specialists, the GSS General Manager, and two GSS Academic and External Committee representatives will review all applications to determine whether applicants meet the criteria and to decide the value of any award.

Funds are subject to availability, so not every application meeting the requirements shall be approved or shall receive the full amount they requested.

Am I eligible?

Please see “Eligibility Criteria” in the section above for full details.

How do I apply?

Please see “Documents Required” and “How to Apply” in the section above for complete details.

When will I hear if my application is successful?

The GSS Peer Support Specialists will let every applicant know the outcome of their decision within two weeks of receiving a completed application. The decision of the GSFA Adjudication Panel shall be final and there shall be no appeal to any other body of the Society.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for HSA fund, the applicant must:

• Be enrolled as a graduate student at the UBC Vancouver campus

• Be a resident in Canada

• Be in real financial hardship relating to rent or other housing matters

• Be referred or recommended by the UBC Enrollment Services

• Not be a current GSS Executive or an employee of the GSS.

• Have not previously applied for HSA during the past four (4) months – except for reconsideration of an earlier submitted application, or received it during the last twelve (12) months preceding the application, unless the application is based on a new HSA matter.

Documents Required

• Proof of enrolment: Downloaded from SSC to show that the applicant is a current graduate student for the current session of the application

• Cover letter: The cover letter should Describe the nature of the housing-related hardship, highlighting expenses and the amount of funding the situation requires.

• Letter from Enrolment Services: This referral or recommendation letter should specify whether the enrollment services have provided the emergency fund.

• Rental agreement(s)

• Any other supporting documents (if applicable)

The panel invites the applicant to provide any additional supporting documentations that may provide clarity and insight into the situation.

Please note that the required documentations are obligatory to process the application. Any inadvertence in submitting the complete package of required documentations would prolong the process.

How to Apply

Please compile the required documents into one PDF file, with a cover letter and send by email to gsfa@gss.ubc.ca. Include “HSA application” in the subject of your email.

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