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Job Posting: Elections Officer

Job Posting: Elections Officer

This role will allow you to play a crucial role in the society’s annual elections, encouraging individuals to nominate themselves for election and inspiring graduate students to vote for the next group of student leaders.

The Electoral Officer will work under the supervision of the Elections Committee in developing and managing the electoral process, including nominations, campaign period, voting process, and the election results.


  • The student will receive an Orientation to the work of the GSS from the General Manager covering the appropriate departments of the GSS to refer to for specific parts of the job
  • The Chair of the Elections Committee will provide an overview of the current Elections procedures and any changes being undertaken by the Society.
  • Ongoing supervision is provided by the GSS Elections Committee


  • Oversee the electoral process from nominating, campaigning, and voting period
    • Promote election nominations and election period using various GSS communication channels by working closely with the GSS Marketing & Communications department
    • Review nomination documents and authorizes candidate’s eligibility
    • Ensure that eligible candidates are aware of the responsibilities, duties, and time commitment required for the executive positions
    • Prepare the candidates’ handbook of election rules
    • Approve candidates’ campaign material as well as third party material in advance of public posting
    • Enforce the spending and reimbursement budget for candidates
    • Create GSS election online ballots
  • Work with appropriate AMS/GSS staff to ensure that events and marketing strategies are planned
    • Events Manager:
      • All-Candidates Meeting
      • Election Debate(s)
      • Any additional events as needed
    • Communications & Marketing Director:
      • Any posters, social media posts or events, etc.
      • Elections page on the GSS website
    • AMS Elections
      • Be trained on how to use the SimplyVoting program and ensure the necessary access to carry out the GSS election.
      • Present to the GSS council meeting following the election to announce the results and make recommendations on the election process
    • Respond to any questions regarding the GSS Elections as needed
    • Rule on complaints or appeals filed alongside Elections Committee and submit explanation of rulings to GSS council
    • Other duties as required


  • A UBC graduate student with knowledge of the GSS executive positions and electoral process, including nominations, campaigning and voting.
  • Strong time management, written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail

Start and End Dates

Jan 2020 – March 30, 2020



How to Apply

Email a resume and a brief covering letter outlining your suitability for the position to . The deadline for applications is 5 pm, Sunday 8 December.

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GSS Loft, Rm. 4202 of AMS Student Nest, UBC

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