Join Council & Committees

To become a councillor, follow the steps below and if you are the only candidate for the position, you can take your seat immediately. In cases where there is more than one candidate to represent a department, the department must organize an election to select a single candidate.

  • Contact your graduate student advisor (prospective dept. representatives only)
  • Fill in and submit the application form below
  • Complete an orientation training session for new councilors with the GSS president. This can be arranged to suit your schedule.

Learn more about how our GSS Council functions by visiting our Council page.Declaration of Election Form

Please complete and return to the GSS Offices in Thea Koerner House.Joining a committee can give you the opportunity to impact a specific area of interest, and gain experience in a specific type of work from finance to human resources, code and policy, and planning programs and events. In addition to these skills, you will also have the opportunity to:

  • Develop demonstrable leadership and teamwork skills
  • Improve administrative skills
  • Expand your network by coordinating with students and organizations across campus

See all GSS Committees and explore their work by visiting our Committees page.If there are no current openings in the committee you are interested in joining, you are also always welcome to attend committee meetings as a non-voting member, and/or apply when a position becomes available.

You can apply to join a committee and find out current openings by emailing a committee chair directly, or by emailing

Study Room, Thea Koerner House, UBC

GSS Loft, Rm. 4202 of AMS Student Nest, UBC

Leon’s Lounge, Thea Koerner House, UBC

Thea’s Lounge, Thea Koerner House, UBC

Penthouse, Thea Koerner House, UBC