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GSS Updates the Loft

GSS Updates the Loft

The GSS is undertaking major updates to the Loft in the AMS Student Nest to make it a more pleasant and functional space for graduate students.

The Loft is the only dedicated space for graduate students in the Nest and over the next few months we will be reworking the three main rooms to give grad students better facilities to meet, socialise and work. Our VP Students is also moving to the Loft, and will have office hours when he will be available to answer students’ questions about the GSS, and sell tickets for GSS events.

The GSS Boardroom

We’ll be updating the AV set up in the boardroom so it can be used for GSS classes. However, grad students will also be able to book the room for their study groups or meetings.

One of the two office spaces will also be bookable by graduate students as an alternative for smaller meetings or study groups.

Social Lounge

The Social Lounge will be set up as a ‘hang-out’ space for graduate students during the day. We’ll be adding in some new features including comfy furniture and a foosball table.

After 5 PM you’ll be able to book the space for your own social events.

Conference Room (Formerly the Pottery Club Room)

The Conference Room will also be getting a facelift. The room will be set up with a projector and chairs, theater style and it will be also be bookable. It will be a great location for graduate student conferences, some of which we currently can’t always accommodate at Thea Koerner House due to high demand.

GSS President Nicolas Romualdi says:

“We’re hugely grateful for the financial support of the UBC President’s office and to the Faculty Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, for making this project possible. The Loft is an ideal central location for graduate student events, and these updates will allow students to get the most from the space. We hope to have everything read by the end of September, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated throughout the summer”.

Study Room, Thea Koerner House, UBC

GSS Loft, Rm. 4202 of AMS Student Nest, UBC

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Thea’s Lounge, Thea Koerner House, UBC

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