GSS Advocacy – Graduate students helping graduate students

The GSS Advocates are graduate students who provide confidential assistance to fellow individual graduate students experiencing difficulties with their supervisors, advisors, program, faculty or the University. They ensure your concerns are heard and that you are treated fairly. The Advocates also provide students with information about their rights and responsibilities, and work with students to help resolve disputes.

To contact an Advocate, please email

GSS Emergency Fund

Concerns about finances and financial need are main causes of stress for graduate students at UBC. The GSS Emergency Fund is in place to ensure that students who are near finishing are able to complete their studies. Applications for this fund are confidential and mediated through the GSS Advocacy Coordinators.

Graduate Student Advocacy

The University and Academic Affairs office and External Relations office advocate on behalf of graduate students and raise awareness about University and provincial and federal Government decisions that affect students. Through the creation of reports and position papers, and lobbying, the GSS is investing in the future of graduate students at UBC, in BC, and across Canada.

University Affairs

The Graduate Student Society raises concerns and expresses the interests of graduate students on University committees to ensure that changes to UBC landscape include a graduate student focus. The GSS also liaises closely with UBC administration and the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies on changes to policies that directly affect graduate studies at UBC.

External to the University

The GSS advocates on behalf of graduate students at UBC to both federal and provincial governments. The GSS is a member of:

For enquiries relating to university and academic affairs, please contact