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Must take photos during your time on campus (get exploring) 

Whether you live for the perfect Vancouver photo to highlight on your gorgeous Instagram feed or are a photographer looking for interesting spots in the area for amazing shoots, UBC (University of British Columbia) campus has something for everyone. There are countless hot spots to take perfect selfies, landscape shots and much more on its vast grounds. Without further ado, here are a few places one must abide by at UBC. 

1. Main Mall  

You will have to wait till the leaves change to red and yellow in the fall to produce a carpet along the bustling walks of Main Mall for a shot there. With a photograph of this important location, you can undoubtedly capture the soul of UBC. Even in the summer, the Main Mall is lovely, with luscious trees under the sun beaming brightly. Find a quiet spot to take it all in and get the whole experience of October in Vancouver. 

2. Wreck Beach  

From sunny picnic days to dramatic sunsets and bonfires, UBC students love this backyard beach. This location is especially magical for your Instagram account on days when the sun illuminates the heavens in every shade of pink and orange. Pose your models against the rocky shores or use the ocean as a backdrop as you explore deeper down the beach. Alternatively, take a quick landscape shot of the water and sky. 

3. Nitobe Gardens  

These lovely gardens are tranquil, calm, and picture-perfect. The lush greens of the mossy ground and the gently swaying trees make this a true hidden treasure on the UBC campus. Make sure to bring your camera along to capture the beauty of the Nitobe Gardens, whether you are going there to relax and breathe between sessions or take a walk through the verdant grounds.  

4. The Pharmacy Building  

This location is aesthetically attractive in an unexpected way. The design of the Pharmacy Building creates a fascinating backdrop, and the grey tone is ideal for adding bursts of color in the foreground. Use a broader angle to capture the entire structure in its astounding cubist proportions or take some basic yet eye-catching selfies. 

5. Irving K. Barber Library  

The façade of IKB is stunning, even though the chances of obtaining a fantastic image at a place we are wary of during the exam period are few. The stone edifice is similar to an antique church or something dark academia reminiscent. Sit on the stairs and take a picture with this incredible structure as your stunning backdrop or do some simple architectural photography. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a shot at this spot. 

6. The Rose Garden  

The Rose Garden is a beautiful place to visit. A famous location for lovely photographs, especially in the summer when the roses are in full bloom and come in a rainbow of colors. The Rose Garden is notably busy around graduate festivities and campus tours, but it is a small piece of heaven if you can find a peaceful moment throughout the week. Take a shot with the multicolored blossoms against a blue sky as your incredible backdrop. 

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