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GSS has started an unofficial Spotify playlist for our vibrant community

Some students have expressed that listening to their favorite tunes while working helps with their focus and general ability to complete tasks. Songs (especially specific melodies, playlists, or genres) can be used as cues to trigger habits. According to James Clear, a habit loop includes:  

Cue, Craving, Response, Reward.  

And it all boils down to a concept called classical conditioning. Ivan Pavlov, in his study, realized that the dogs serving as his subjects drooled when they were served meat during his study of digestion. In the case of Pavlov’s dogs, the mere sound of a bell was enough to make them drool in anticipation of food (in a similar way, we can train ourselves with music as a cue). Just like waking up to a dinging sound from your phone or lying down in bed makes you sleepy, listening to a song or playlist can encourage you to perform better and boost your productivity.  

According to an Accountemps survey, 71% of professionals report feeling more productive at work when music is playing, and Spotify’s survey showed that music is the leading productivity booster for their workforce. So, if some songs work for you, you should probably go on playing them. However, finding or curating the perfect music playlist isn’t always easy. With endless music streaming services and songs out there, it gets a bit difficult to narrow down the right one.  

So, GSS has started an unofficial Spotify playlist for our vibrant community to add all our favorite tunes to. Please share your favorite songs that get you pumped up and ready for productivity by contributing to our playlist; we’d love to hear them.  

Disclaimer: The GSS do not endorse any of the songs or artists on this track.

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