Student Resources

An encompassing guide that offers UBC students essential resources ranging from housing and food aids, and academic and travel scholarships, to health and wellness services, while also shedding light on affiliations and crucial policies concerning gendered and sexual violence. Aimed at ensuring the holistic well-being and success of every student in the community.


Housing Aids

Supporting students' shelter needs, UBC provides housing aids designed to offer either subsidized accommodation options or financial assistance tailored to alleviate housing-related challenges faced by students.


Food and Feeding Aid

Aiming to address food insecurity on campus, this section provides resources through which students of any origin or nationality can access nutritious food, at either substantially reduced prices or free of cost.


Research, Travel, and International Scholarships

Venture beyond borders with UBC's diverse range of resources for students eager to embark on research journeys, travel projects, or exchange programs, both domestically and internationally.


Scholarships and Awards

Recognizing academic excellence and potential, UBC collaborates with internal and external entities to offer a spectrum of scholarships and awards to deserving students.


Health and Wellness Resources

Prioritizing students' holistic well-being, this section encompasses a curated list of resources, both within and outside UBC, dedicated to ensuring the mental, physical, and emotional health of the graduate student community.


GSS Affiliated Organizations

A running list of current student organizations affiliated with the GSS. This section directs you to several organizations’ websites so you can familiarize yourself with what they do and how they can help you.


Gendered and Sexual Violence Resources

These are resources available to students who have been impacted by sexualized violence. According to section 2.1 of the UBC Sexual Misconduct Policy, sexual misconduct includes sexualized violence and refers to any sexual act or act targeting an individual’s sexuality, gender identity or gender expression, whether the act is physical or psychological in nature, that is committed, threatened, or attempted against an individual without that individual’s Consent.



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