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VP Students 2021-2022: SAM KENSTON

VP Students 2021-2022: SAM KENSTON

Sam Kenston is our VP Students for the 2021-2022 session who wants to support and collaborate with Affiliate Organizations in organizing events, classes and activities that will help to achieve GSS core mandate of promoting the academic, social, and cultural interest of graduate students. Through this questionnaire, you’ll get to know fun tidbits about who he is and all his colorful aspirations for this role. So, without further ado, read on to learn more about our hardworking and passionate executive. Hopefully you discover something new! 
What is your favorite thing about/at the UBC campus? 

The garden and the museum. I often take a break from academic work to just visit any of the museums or take a walk in the garden

What do you most admire about the GSS community and organization as a whole? 

The diversity!!! GSS is a wonderful place to work with people from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds

What was the last book, movie, or TV show you read/watched? 

I just finished reading the book “Becoming” by Michelle Obama

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

Be content with what you have and live every day knowing that you are not where you used to be, and you’re blessed

What is the trait you love most about yourself? 

My humour and desire to put a smile on the faces of strangers (people I do not know and may never get to meet again) 

Who is your role model and why? 

Cristiano Ronaldo, his positive attitude to life, tenacity and self-confidence

What secret talent do you possess? 

I can fix the Rubik’s cube 

If you could change the world in one way or the other, what would you change? 

I would change the way we were taught to look at people as “coming from different countries/continents” and rather teach people that all humans are the same, and equal, we just happen to live in different parts of the world

What is your greatest fear?

 I fear the day the so-called powerful countries will start fighting and may end up destroying the world using bombs

Do you have a non-university-related passion or hobby? What is it? 

Make videos (vlogging) for my YouTube channel

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

Nothing, I am fine the way I am

What do you consider your greatest achievement? 

When I became a medical doctor

What life lessons have you learned this past year? 

I should not worry about things that are beyond my control

What is your life motto? 

Love one another, in every situation, give thanks 

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