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Affiliate Organizations (AOs) are a vital part of the GSS. We work closely with on- and off-campus graduate student associations and groups throughout the year to foster and strengthen a close-knit graduate student community.

If you are part of a graduate student group on campus, you can apply to become an Affiliate Organization of the GSS. This entitles your group to a number of benefits including access to the GSS Event Fund, which allows AO’s to get a rebate of expenses for events organized for graduate students.

Apply or Renew an AO Status

Note: Four (4) supporting signatures are required to support the process of becoming affiliated.

  1. Download and fill out the AO Application & Renewal form completely
  2. Email the completed form to

We will confirm when we receive your application and include it in the next upcoming Council meeting for approval of your affiliation.

Apply for Project/Event Funding

  1. Download and fill out both the Event Fund Application form and the Budget Spreadsheet
  2. Email the documents to
  3. VP Students will contact you to confirm the approved amount of funding
  4. Hold your event/project (Remember to collect receipts and attendance sheets)
  5. Fill out the Post-Event Report – Update Budget, compile receipts, attendance sheets, and marketing materials
  6. Email all documents to within 2 weeks of the end of your project/event to receive your reimbursement

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