GSS Rental Policies

  1. Make cheques payable to “The Graduate Student Society of UBC – Vancouver”.
  2. Bookings cannot be confirmed until a copy of the signed contract and a non-refundable booking deposit (half of the estimated costs) have been received prior to the event
  3. Functions scheduled outside regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)are subject to building opening and closing charges. Labour fees are 1.5 times the regular rate on holidays. For an event to start at 8:59am the opening charge is 2 hours (British Columbia minimum shift requirement) and for an event ending at 5:01pm the closing charge is also 2 hours.
  4. All groups must pay supervision (minimum 2 hour shift) for functions outside office hours (see above)from the time the room is booked until the room is vacated or event scheduled to end, whichever is later.
  5. All functions over one hundred guests must have a GSS bookings attendant on hand throughout the entirety of the function.
  6. All functions are responsible for damage/clean-up deposit. All rooms pay $100 per room per day.This must be received prior to the event start date. Deposits will be refunded within 7 days of post-event damage inspection. It is the responsibility of the client to note damage before the function begins,if no such communication is received and confirmed prior to the event any damage in the room is assumed to be the clients’ responsibility.
  7. Rooms must be returned in the exact manner found. The client is liable for cleaning charges at $40 per hour (2 hour minimum) for any cleaning required. This is including the removal of garbage from rooms unless otherwise discussed. Garbage is the responsibility of the client and there are no exceptions. Dirty linens are no extra charge – the cleaning fee for linen is included in the cost
  8. No minors are permitted entry to licensed facilities (Ballroom and Thea’s Lounge) at any time. If minors are attending an event held in these rooms, a Temporary Licence Suspension (De-licensing) is required.
  9. A Special Occasion Licence is required for all events serving alcoholic beverages. Clients are responsible for obtaining this licence two (2) weeks prior to the event. If this is not complete and or De-Licensing is not completed before the event it will not continue/no alcohol will be allowed –no refunds – no exceptions.
  10. All decorations must be approved by the Bookings Coordinator. There are no exceptions.
  11. Labour for room set-up and take-down must be paid a minimum of 4 hours per room, the ballroom is 5 hours per event. All set-up and take-down procedures must be performed by GSS bookings staff. Clients may bring helpers but this will not affect the hours billed. No access is permitted to any storage room to any client. Set up of a room is to be done directly before the event unless otherwise discussed with the bookings manager, the bookings manager may in some cases grant permission to the client to setup the day before the event, in this case the client is liable to pay extra costs (negotiable) for having access to the room earlier than booked.
  12. A GSS-assigned supervisor must be present for the entirety of functions serving alcohol, until the last guest leaves the room regardless of attendance.
  13.  All guests must have 2 pieces of ID (one piece must be a government-issued photo ID) to enter any functions serving alcohol. All guests entering any room must have government identification with them (BCID-BCDL-PR Card – passport – landing documents – FPL – etc.).
  14.  Rooms are charged for time used. Unless negotiated otherwise a room is charged from the moment the guests enters the room until the room is cleared out. If the function occupies the room Monday but does not start until Tuesday, the room is rented from Monday as the space is in use. This must be negotiated prior to the event starting.
  15.  Nothing is to be posted on walls or windows without approval of the bookings manager. Cleaning/damage charges may apply, including any area of the building – where needed easels or boards may be made available. Each sign found on a wall or door will be subject to .25 units of labour to remove it (1 unit at $40/Per Hour)
  16.  By completing an estimate/contract, you understand and agree to all terms and house rules. Also you are aware this (where necessary) is subject to change at the Booking manager’s discretion.
  17.  Any room booked with people that stay past the hours of the contract will be liable to pay prorated charges until the room is empty. These extra hours outside of the estimated costs will be prorated at the commercial rate – calculated at an hourly breakdown of the room on an 8 hour rental – labour charges also to increase accordingly.
  18.  No room booking of any room allows the client to set up anything in halls or stairwells including reception/welcome/registration desks or booths, any of this must be discussed with the booking manager and negotiated.