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U-Pass Response Guide


UBC GSS, and AMS, together with other Metro Vancouver public post-secondary institutions and student associations have come to an agreement with TransLink to collectively resume the U-Pass BC Program for September 1st, with continuing support from the Province of BC.

The AMS, GSS, UBC as well as other public post-secondary institutions and student associations in the region, through surveys and consultations, learned that a large number of students rely on public transit not just for access education, but to also access essentials needs and services – whether it’s to visit the doctor, see family, buy food or safe leisurely activities.

What is the U-Pass BC program:

The U-Pass BC program is a subsidized transit pass program that provides post-secondary students with universal, accessible and affordable access to public transit across Metro Vancouver. The U-Pass BC program costs $170 per academic term or $42.50 per month, providing students with a full 3-Zone Pass per month, which would normally cost over $170 a month.

All my classes are online, do I still have to pay for a U-Pass:

All post-secondary students in Metro Vancouver are required to pay the U-Pass fee. This pooled financial effort is the reason Translink is able to provide a reduced cost, subsidized transit pass specifically for post-secondary students. By having everyone contribute together towards the U-Pass, students can enjoy highly subsidized and accessible public transportation.

I am not living within Metro Vancouver, do I still have to pay for the U-Pass:

Students studying/living outside of Metro Vancouver can apply for a U-Pass exemption. More information on this can be found here.

I don’t need the U-Pass/ I can’t afford the U-Pass, how can I get out of it:

You can only be exempted from the U-Pass if you are either living outside the Lower Mainland or if you meet the exemption eligibility criteria as outlined in your SSC U-Pass exemption form. If you are facing financial hardship you may be eligible for the AMS Winter 2020-2021 Subsidy which offers either a full or partial reimbursement of your U-Pass fee. You can apply for the Winter Subsidy through the following link by logging into AMS CampusBase with your CWL.



For more information on the AMS Winter 2020-2021 Subsidy please visit here:


I’m immunocompromised and will not be using public transit this fall. What should I do:

We understand this concern and have worked with UBC Enrollment services to ensure that immunocompromised students are eligible for exemptions.

For this exemption, you first have to register with the UBC Centre for Accessibility. After you have done so, please go to your SSC, click Finances, U-Pass Exemption, select the disability exemption form under medical disability, and note “disability” as your reason for exemption.  More information